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Inspired by Japanese tradition, driven by precision and executed by artisans, Mori introduces a dining experience based on maximizing flavor, texture & balance.
Focusing on quality & simplicity cooking the dishes will be simple and natural. Combining Japanese and European influences to reimagine classical dishes & bold new flavor adventures.

Staying true to our commitment to the utmost freshness and seasonality, or chefs will draw on the finest ingredients available on that day – combining local and international produce to offer the best possible experience with meticulous attention paid to presentation, balance & flavor. The little things matter!

Mori’s mission is and always has been to offer people a delicate touch of Japanese tradition with a eye on the future, through an immersive culinary experience.

Sushi bar
Sushi bar

Our Team Our Mission

We define our team as a family, constantly evolving. Each of us are part of the whole. Our team is a melting pot of many different personalities, with each bringing their fresh ideas, and skills to enrich the whole. Our common passion is the love for food. Honoring the cuisine without fearing to try something new.

And while that may sound very straight forward at first. It is in my many years of living throughout the country and working working in various different styles of cuisine that I have learned to reflect on and adapt or vision constantly. In all great cuisines often its essence tends to be lost when redoing it one to one – simply performing techniques and ideas does not capture a centuries-old cuisine after all.

Taking a page from Japanese proverb;  “I have no set principles; I make adaptability to all circumstances my principle”
Therefore requires it being rethought and adapted to local flavor profiles & sourcing geographies, reflecting on long-held traditions to create customs & techniques anew.

It is this on-going reflection and evolving of Japanese cuisine that stands at the heart of Mori’s mission today.


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Mori Delivery is Coming Soon!

We are currently working on setting up our own delivery system, stay tuned when it will be available. With this we strive to deliver to a broader area, so everyone can enjoy our sushi at home!

Now available for Pre-orders : Valentines day special!

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